Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Pies!

This evening, Elizabeth surprised us with a new and very exciting song. This video was Encore #3, when we finally decided to take out the camera and record it! Also, if you watch carefully, you will see little Abigail looking for her moment in the sun, in the bottom right corner of the video. Enjoy!

By the way, here are the words:

"Pies in the oven, yum, yum, yum,
I can smell them, oh what fun,
One is pumpkin, the other is berry,
They will make Thanksgiving merry,
Pies in the oven, yum, yum, yum,
Soon they'll be in my tummy, tum, tum!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time for a Change

I simply LOVE the fall. There is something in me that longs for it, and every year I'm delighted as the leaves change color (sort of), the weather gets cooler, and the season turns to Thanksgiving. So, naturally I needed a change in blog background. I hope you like it, too. :)

Speaking of changes, it seems that my little baby no longer stays in the same place I put her. She is BUSY crawling around the house and finding me and other things. Eek! I realize it's time to train her. The old words "No touch" are quickly coming back to me as I follow her around the house.

The older one is changing, too. Her head now comes up past my waist, and she is so helpful around the house and with her little sister. She has discovered a new love for puzzles and will put the same one together over and over again. Also, she and Matt have been having a fun time doing math problems on their hands. (Are puzzles and math related?) Anywho, it's cute to hear them count together during bath time.

Okay, I know there aren't any pictures this post, so I promise more to come!! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a sweet time last night with our little bumblebee and her pumpkin of a sister. We went around with our good buddy Maxwell, and it was quite the time.

Not sure what happened here, but it probably reminds my dad of me when I was this age. My lower lip was constantly sticking out.

The face painting was Matt's touch. Look at his fine handiwork! Isn't he awesome? And isn't my little bumblebee so beautiful?