Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Doctor is In

Meet "Dr. Katie."

Dr. Katie is skilled in many health-promoting and life-saving techniques, which she learned at medical school when she was only three! If you are sick, you definitely want Dr. Katie around to diagnose and treat your malady.

And it's good that Dr. Katie was around last Tuesday, because she had a seriously ill patient on her hands.

Dr. Katie immediately set to work. First, check the reflexes:

Now, examine the lungs and the heart. Either of these could be the source of the sickness.

Now, make sure to write everything down in your chart. Otherwise there will be no record of the treatment or the patient. You don't want to forget anything!

Ultimately, Dr. Katie determined that her patient was "very very sick." She gave her some shots and a band-aid and within a few minutes the patient was up and around.

Thanks, Dr. Katie! (Also, a special shout-out to "Nurse Melissa," who is sometimes known as "Daddy." Why he had to be a female nurse, we're not certain, but it gave everybody a laugh).