Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prepare Yourself...

...This post contains shocking pictures from the events of yesterday. :)

Elizabeth got a major haircut!!! We have been prayerfully wanting to develop in her (and us) a heart of service this summer, so we've been introducing some different ideas. One that we introduced a couple of weeks ago was the idea of donating her hair through the wonderful agency called Locks of Love. E definitely had the required ten inches necessary to make a donation. But when we first talked about it, she was reluctant (read: opposed) to the idea of giving away her hair. By God's grace, I realized it would be wrong to coerce her into it, so I let it drop. Interestingly, a few days later, I overheard her talking to Matt about donating her hair. She talked about it as if it was already a done deal. Precious!

Then just yesterday, she asked if we could cut her hair that day. Totally wanting to seize the moment, I agreed. So that afternoon after naptime, we all went as a family to see E get her new do. (Side note: for those of you attached to E's beautifully long hair, the following pictures might be shocking, even scandalous. I'll admit that I started to tear up a bit as the lady started cutting. Eek!)

E has been so joyful since her haircut; she likes her new do and loves showing it off. What a joy to be her mom and see the changes in her life, both on the inside and out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Week of Firsts

It's been a banner week for sweet little Abigail. She saw her first fireworks on Saturday and seemed to enjoy them (at least for the first few minutes). She also got lots of ice cream and popcorn that day, so it may have been the snacks talking.

My sweetie also started using a spoon on her own for the first time on Monday. She loves her "Nee-nee" and gets excited to use it. We decided to use applesauce as our teaching tool, and so far it's working great. Abigail definitely gets a lot on herself and her placemat, but I'm thinking a fair amount is also making it to her mouth. I WILL say that that little cutie is pretty smart, too, because when she's finished with the lesson for the day, she hands me the spoon and waits for me to feed her the remainder. Clever little, Queenie!!

In other news, I'm trying to improve my skills as a photographer. I took the class Matt gifted me for Mother's Day and have also had my first tutorial with a talented friend here in town. I'm determined to get better and not always use the basic mode on my camera. So, keep watching!! You just might see some improving photography on this blog!

I let Siti feed my girls whatever they want. I know I could intervene, but I feel I'd be ruining a sweet grandparent thing.

Siti and E

Aunt Jennifer and (not so) little E

Oh yeah...she also had apple juice and was VERY sad when it was gone.