Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking News...

This just in...Elizabeth Morton has lost her first tooth! On Wednesday, Matt helped her by wiggling, then pulling out, that tiny little baby tooth, leaving her with a fun space to stick her tongue. She was so proud (I would even say she was beaming) as she went up to her preschool the next day and showed off her bottom gum line. She was especially eager to tell everyone how the tooth fairy came to visit her and left her a little surprise.

We've been reading this book:

So E had some fun ideas about who the tooth fairy is and why she would want E's tooth. My baby is such a big girl now! I just can't believe it.

In other news, Samuel laughed for the first time yesterday. Oh my goodness, it was just precious. I was taking off his clothes to give him a bath, and as I was pulling his arm through his sleeve, I must have inadvertently tickled his little armpit because he giggled. So what did I do? The same thing any mommy would do, I think! I did it again hoping to hear another giggle. And he DID giggle. Not one to be too selfish, I quickly went and got Matt and the girls who were reading bedtime stories. They were excited, too. So it was so nice of SamSam to oblige and giggle for them as well.

It was one of those family moments you live for. So precious and so hard to replicate. I really just wanted to live in that moment for a long time.

Later Matt and I agreed: We really love our little family. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Months Old

Little Man is now two months old, and this week had his official doctor's appointment. They weighed him, measured his head, and made him cry. Sad. He had his first round of shots, and I cannot tell you how hard it is for me to look into his little face while they begin to administer the sharp pokey things. Of course, they ask you to hold down his hands, so you're right there next to his face. And he's looking at you, with lots of trust and smiles. Then they give the first shot, and his face makes that shift from perfect contentment to squinty eyes and redness. Eek! Now don't get me wrong, the nurse was great and went as fast as she could, but still it was aWfUl!!

Anywho, would you like to guess how much he weighed? If so, I'll put the answer at the bottom of this post. That'll give you a chance to think about it and come up with your answer. Be sure to think of an answer that includes lbs and ounces because if you're up to date on the way we grow our babies, you'll remember that they come out big and keep growing that way. Not fat mind you, just healthy. :)

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this little cowboy. Presh, no? My mom got this cutie outfit from Gymboree, whose clothes I love by the way because of little details like the ones featured here. Notice that at the bottom of his outfit, instead of featuring plain ol' footies, they made them into little "boots." Too cute. It looks like he's wearing shoes without the fuss of actual shoes or even socks that look like shoes. Awesome in my opinion!!!

Okay, here's the answer to his weight: 14 lbs, 6 oz! Did anyone hit it right on the nose?

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hey, everyone! Thanks for being so patient and gracious while I've been getting up on my feet with our new little one and life with three kiddos. We're all doing great and loving life as a family of five.

I'm hoping to update the blog on the weekends, so check back in when you can. For my first time back, I thought I'd answer a few frequently asked questions.

1. How is Samuel doing?
He's great! He is now 8 weeks/2 months old and becoming more alert. We're seeing smiles like this all the time these days, and especially does he give sweet smiles to his sisters. He eats well and sleeps well, only waking up once a night these days. He has also begun cooing and talks to all of us. This is important since he'll need to be willing to speak up for himself in this household; he's already got lots of competition. :)

2. Have you cut his hair yet?
As it turns out, no. However, we are quickly approaching the day. Little Man definitely has himself a "do," and my guess is I'll be getting pretty good with the clippers. I'm assured by many that they are easy to master. Good thing!

1. How are the girls doing?
They are doing great! They absolutely love Samuel, also known as "SamSam" or "Shazam." They give him lots of kisses and hugs, sometimes these turn into squeezes, so I step in for Samuel's sake. :) Abigail in particular likes to bring Samuel her very beloved lovey, "Bunny." There are very few places that Abigail goes without Bunny, so to sacrifice him to Samuel is a big deal.

1. How are girls doing (cont.)?
Elizabeth is like a second mommy to Samuel. She is, in fact, a huge help to me, especially when Matt is gone. And I can say with almost 100% certainly that she has not complained even once when I've asked her to do something for me that relates to Samuel (get a burp cloth, pick this or that up, get his paci, etc.). She is so dear in her love and care for him.

2. Is Elizabeth excited about Kindergarten next year?
Absolutely! This past Monday we went to her potential school for next year for her "assessment." It was so precious to sit like a fly on the wall in the classroom as the teacher asked Elizabeth questions related to Kindergarten skills. She did really well and was so excited to be in an actual classroom. We really feel good about the school we've chosen and think Elizabeth will excel there. We can't believe we're moving into the "school age parent" category. When we first had E, I would meet parents with kids in that category and be in awe. I just couldn't imagine being in that stage of life, and here we are! It's so cool!!! :)

1. Whom does Samuel favor more?
Well, I'll let you be the judge of that, but the most continual comments we hear seem to indicate that he is in fact a small version of Matt. Of course, big Matt eats that up. He loves his Little Man and is so excited to have such a great ally in this otherwise female-dominated household.

2. How are YOU doing?
Well, aren't you just so nice to even ask? :) I'm doing great. I really am. I've felt 100% better from my surgery for a few weeks now and am learning how to manage three kiddos at one time. I will say I am super thankful for the sweet friends and college girls who have helped me each week. I have about four different helpers whom I cycle through from week to week. They come over and play with the girls, give Sam a bottle, or stay at the house so that I can go to the grocery store or wherever.

You're totally right if you think I don't go out very frequently with all three. I'm not that recovered. ;) I do have a hoss of a double stroller and have definitely done it, but I think I prefer being creative and trying to manage my errands, etc. without all three at one time.

So that's a bit of an update, except to say one last thing. It looks like Elizabeth has a wiggly tooth. That's right, on top of all this other change going on, my precious five year old is about to lose her first tooth! Our lives are so full, and so are our hearts!

Thanks for checking in. Be sure to stop by again soon!