Friday, April 23, 2010

A Little Shout Out

Friends, are you in need of some new eyeglasses or even a fun case for your eyewear? Well, look no further. An old college friend has a great site where you can get great glasses and such. And you will feel very Posh in the process. Even if you don't need 'em, bookmark 'em for later. You never know, right?

P.S. Here are the super sweet ones my mother-in-law won in a recent giveaway!! Aren't they so posh? Love'em!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Abigail Makes Us Laugh

This is Matt writing today...I rarely update this blog, but just could not resist posting some fun conversations we've had recently with Abigail. She is quite the comedian around our house and keeps us in stitches. Here are a few little slices from our past week or two:

-After naptime one day, Elizabeth was watching a video and Abigail woke up and asked for a snack. I picked up Abigail, threw her up on my shoulder, and started toward the kitchen when she looked back at Elizabeth and said, "Sissy, won't you come with us? We're going to have a SNACK!" We chuckled at her polite grammar and her enthusiasm to pull Sissy into the food action.

-At breakfast this morning Abigail began closing her eyes while drinking her milk. Here was our conversation:

Me: "Why are you closing your eyes?"
Abigail: "So you can't get me."
Me: "You know I still see you even when your eyes are closed."
Abigail: (Silence. Closes eyes again.)

-Last night while we were entertaining guests for dinner:

Abigail: "Dere (There)was a wasp on my swing so we ran back inside."
Guests: "That's a good idea to run away."
Abigail: "We ran back INSIDE."
Guests: "That's a good place to go."
Abigail: "Dere was also pooh bird (i.e. bird poop) on my swing."
Shannon: "Abigail, we don't talk about that at dinner."
Abigail: "But dere WAS pooh bird on my swing!"
Shannon: "Abigail, we don't talk about that at dinner. Let's talk about something else. (pause) Hey, your shirt has a tea party on it!"
Abigail: (Long pause. Looks down intently at shirt.)

-The other night right before bedtime:

Shannon: "Dear God..."
Abigail: "Dear God..."
Shannon: "Thank you for..."
Abigail: "Thank you for..."
Shannon: "Abigail, would you like to pray?"
Abigail: "No."
Shannon: "OK. Dear God..."
Abigail: "Dear God...I want to pray."
Shannon: "OK. Go ahead."
Abigail: "Dear God. Thank you for Mommy and thank you for Daddy and thank you for Samuel that he would believe in Jesus and thank you for Sissy and...(long pause for thought)...thank you for ME. In Jesus Amen."

Hope you enjoyed this little window into the world of Abigail! She is quite the blessing to us and keeps us entertained for sure!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bluebonnets 2010

Friends, this will be a simple post. We had a blast this weekend taking lots of pics in the bluebonnets. The kids were precious, and the bluebonnets smelled WONDERFUL!!! Enjoy!

For a little comparison, here is the post from 2009.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our New Header Picture

Just this morning we went out and took some pictures in the bluebonnets. There were some good ones, even of all of them looking, but I love this one for the story it tells.

Elizabeth is the leader and an EXCELLENT big sister. She helps me so much by doing what she should and helping the others do the same.

Abigail looks up to her, literally and metaphorically. She loves Elizabeth and is often repeating everything E says like a little magpie.

Samuel loves his two big sisters and especially enjoys being held by Elizabeth who, with close supervision, is able to pick him up and carry him places.

Such sweet little ones. More pics to come!

P.S. Samuel's hair is not really that RED. It just looks that way because of the sun and some photo editing I did. :)