Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

My baby is officially a Kindergartner!!! She has now been to two days of class and is SO excited for more. She loves her teacher and plays well with her classmates. She even sent this email to her Siti and Ghido(pronounced sit-TEE and zhi-DOE) about her first day:

dear siti and ghido i had fun at kindergarden miss marshall is a good teacher the names of my friends are davis grant and chayan emma fulton anna joy asher joshaua and daniel i can t remember any more names

So fun!!

Now on to the pics, which is probably why you're reading this post at all...I mean, I know I would!! :)

Elizabeth and her teacher. E is in the "frogs" Kindergarten class. Ribbit!


Updated pics of the other two little Morties on Sissy's first day of school. So fun!!!