Saturday, November 7, 2009


Last week was Halloween, and we were visited by Cinderella and her "fairy godmother." At least that's what Cinderella called her. :) See below.

Look at my beautiful Cinderella. She's gotten so big so fast!

This is what Abigail does when she's getting tired. She sucks her thumb and rubs her favorite fabric. Usually it's attached to her bunny...fortunately for her, it was attached to her costume.

Funny story: On Halloween night, when all other children fill their pumpkin buckets to the brim with candy, Abigail was the epitome of self-control. In the group with which we were traveling, Abigail was the youngest, so she and Matt brought up the rear. Mostly she rode around in her stoller, save the couple of times she got out to go to the front door. She collected a few pieces, put them in her 75-item capacity bucket, and then promptly told Matt she was all done. She had had enough and didn't need any more candy. Amazing! Stupendous! What self-control!!

I have to admit I fought off my selfish desire to have her collect more so that I could eat it, but I realized this was wrong. Right? I mean, how much candy can one person eat anyway? And isn't it wrong to use your toddler to meet your need for chocolate?