Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mommy Confessions

Some things have been rumbling around in my head for a few days, and I think it's because I need to come clean.

1. I have no idea what Abigail does in her crib at naptime. Seriously. She might be sleeping; she might not be sleeping. I really don't know. See, Abigail can hear the carpet crunch, so when I put her in bed for a nap, I close the door all the way. I don't go check on her at all. Not at all. She broke me of that habit a long time ago. I used to slowly open the door to peek in on my precious sleeping baby, only to find her looking back at me. When I closed the door, the crying commenced. Eek. Then, I used to prop her door open ever so slightly with a small, squishy purple letter P left intentionally at the bottom of the door. But the Child would look through the small slit in the door to see if anyone was around. So now we find ourselves where we are now. I would love to see my sweet one in respose; however, I am left to this pattern.

2. Abigail loves beans, but she will likely never eat them at home. I can almost hear her grandmothers' responses as they read this, "Send the child to my house. I'll feed her beans!!" And that's exactly what may have to happen because right now the child only gets beans when we are out at a Mexican food restaurant. Poor thing. It's true that whatever the Momma doesn't like usually doesn't make it onto the dinner table. This is the fate of beans, chinese food, and asparagus in our house. Who's with me?

3. I eat like a toddler...and I like it. This week, my lunches included pizza, chicken fingers, and french fries. And I'm eating pizza tomorrow for lunch. (I already know because we have plans with our Aggies.) I really prefer comfort food to healthy stuff that may contain something green. I eat green stuff because I know I should and because I feel better when I do, but secretly inside I just want cheese and bread.

Whew! I feel a lot better after all this cyber-honesty. But I fear that if I keep confessing like this, you just might lose respect for me. So I'm gonna cut it off here. Thanks for reading. Feel free to confess, too. They say it's good for the soul.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Open Letter To Abigail

My darling Abigail, this past weekend, we celebrated your first birthday and thanked God for this first year of life with you. Because you are so very loved, many people came to see you and be with you.

First, your Uncle David and Aunt Jennifer came. They kissed you and hugged you and even played lots of games of tea party with your sister. (See below.)

Your Grandpa and Grandma Habgood also come. They drove from a far away city called Bedford to celebrate with you. They were so happy to see you and didn't even mind when you cried.

Next, your Siti and Ghido arrived, and they had nothing but hugs and kisses. They are some of your biggest fans and couldn't have been happier to be in your home on your birthday. Your Ghido even brought you a penguin from Antartica. You'll have to ask him about that trip one day.

Sweet girl, God has given you such a loving family; you are truly blessed. May you always be thankful for the gift of a kind and loving family, and may you learn to give back to this family that has given you so much!