Monday, May 10, 2010

A Dance Recital, A 4 Month Old, and Some New Glasses

Well, so sorry for not updating. I did say I would only update on the weekends, but I didn't intend for you to wait this long. Sorry!

Perhaps after this post, you'll think it was well worth the wait. I've got LOTS of pics to share. We've been busy here for the past three weeks. Read on, my friends!!

Dance Recital

The weekend of May 1st, Elizabeth had her second recital. She was a lovely dancer!!

These are here sweet little classmates, and you can get a look at her full costume. So pretty, I think!

Elizabeth LOVES dancing and wants to keep taking classes. She is developing poise and grace and an understanding that her body is made to worship the LORD. Perfect!! (Siti and Ghido are BIG fans!!)

4 Months Old!

Last week, sweet SamSam turned 4 months old! We can hardly believe it. He is really beginning to show his personality as well as his love for his family, especially his sisters.

I know this is not a happy picture, but I LOVE the cheeks!

New Glasses

Yesterday was Mother's Day as you are well aware! :) We celebrated by dedicating Samuel to the LORD at church and then going out to lunch with Siti and Ghido. While at lunch, little hands found their way to some new glasses. Ghido was a good sport.

Future librarian or 7th grade English teacher? (ha!)

Naturally, Little Sister wanted a turn!