Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Quick Word

We've had a very fun and full summer so far.

We've visited with dear friends from out of town, traveled to Houston, gone swimming, had a cookout, tried new restaurants in town, celebrated Matt's birthday and Father's Day, and watched lots of softball games. :) It's been truly wonderful.

I've also been working on my photography and just took pictures for a sweet family last night. :)

In just a few weeks, we will get to see Matt's older brother and his family. They are coming in from Boston and will spend their 10 days or so in Houston with Matt's parents. We are pumped to see them, and the girls are excited to see their cousins. This will be the first time that Samuel will get to meet this side of his family. Precious!!

The only other big thing to say is that Samuel is now a proficient at rolling over. He almost immediately rolls over whenever we lay him on his floor gym, and he even prefers to sleep on his tummy than on his back.

He's also started solids this week!! Rice cereal was a hit and with no allergic reaction, so today we are on to avocado!! Yum. :)

I've got some pics I can share, so I'll put those on the next post. For now, feast your eyes on the new ones on the side bar to the right.