Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

My baby is officially a Kindergartner!!! She has now been to two days of class and is SO excited for more. She loves her teacher and plays well with her classmates. She even sent this email to her Siti and Ghido(pronounced sit-TEE and zhi-DOE) about her first day:

dear siti and ghido i had fun at kindergarden miss marshall is a good teacher the names of my friends are davis grant and chayan emma fulton anna joy asher joshaua and daniel i can t remember any more names

So fun!!

Now on to the pics, which is probably why you're reading this post at all...I mean, I know I would!! :)

Elizabeth and her teacher. E is in the "frogs" Kindergarten class. Ribbit!


Updated pics of the other two little Morties on Sissy's first day of school. So fun!!!


David Morton said...

Wow! She's growing up so fast!

Jon and Brittany said...

Oh my goodness. I'm smiling right now because you have a BEAUTIFUL family!! Seriously, they are SO cute!! Thanks for the update and the pics. Your whole family is just darling!

P.S. Is the Anna Joy she talks about a Fisher, perhaps?

Erin said...

oh soooo fun!!! i love it! i can't wait to hear more about kindergarten.

the walshes said...

oh my goodness!! your babies are growing up and they're so precious!!! elizabeth looked adorably cute on her first day of kindergarten - even though in 20 years styles will have changed radically, there is NO way she'll look back on that picture and think she looked embarrassing, like most of us do! WELL DONE :)

Debi Morton said...

Oh my goodness! E looks adorable on her first day of school! She looks so grown up and yet just like a precious little girl. And I love the pic with her teacher. Of course, the ones of brother and sister and great, as well. Thanks for the new post.
P.S. Do you know you need a new border?

Debi Morton said...

By the way, we were SO honored to get a first-day e-mail from her!

Miss Mommy said...

Yea yea yea yea yea!! I have been waiting for this post! I love that Anna joy is in her class, too!!!

1. GREAT first day outfit! Bold power color.
2. How has her hair already gotten that long again????
3. See above for Abigail except omit "again".
4. That Sam Sam is a HONEY! He is a Morton for sure, but definitely has his own debonair look, as well.

Naughton 2.0 said...

She looks so grown up! OH my how time has flown by. Thank you for keeping up with your posts...ever since i left college station i have read your updates and I love the stories you share! :)

Shannon said...

Thanks, friends and family. You really shared our joy, and we appreciate that.

First week is over, and I think we are all making the adjustment. Keep praying for us, especially E and Abigail. :)

Debi Morton said...

Love the new wallpaper! Prayers continue to go up and will do so, as you probably know. Was just wondering this morning if E would be glad not to have to go to school today even though she'd had a good time this week. Glad she ended the week well!

Kahler and Katy said...

Wow, Shannon! Your family is so beautiful! I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting. I hope things are well back in College Station! We sure do miss that crowd. :)


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