Friday, July 16, 2010

6 Months Old!

Little Man is officially six months old. He's been to the doctor, and he's had his photo shoot.

The doctor says he is a healthy 18 lbs., which leaves him at about 75% for weight. (he is also 75% for height.) He got three shots and something injectable into his mouth. Hmmmm...

He's rolling all over the place, which reminds us of Elizabeth; that was her mode of transportation. He's making more sound effect and getting louder. In fact, the other night in the car, I was driving home with all three of them, and they were all talking/humming/making sound effects. Whew! I do believe SamSam is going to hold his own with his very vocal sisters. Probably a good thing. :)

As for his photo shoot, well...feast your eyes on this!


Debi Morton said...

Happy 6 months birthday, Sam Sam1 And oh my, I do hope it's in the plans to give Siti and Ghido some of these wonderful pictures! They are just adorable! Honestly, don't know which one I like best, but it just may be the tummy shot with the smile of pure joy. He has such a cute smile.

Debi Morton said...

Well, I keep looking at them and now I think I like the first one best. It's a beautiful pose and he looks so sweet. Stay tuned. I may change my mind again!

Kristin Barnett said...

Shannon - did you take those photos?? They are wonderful! I see so much improvement!

Happy six months to Samuel! He's absolutely precious.

Shannon said...

Kristin, you are so kind (and you, too, Mom!). I DID in fact take this pics of my Little Man.

And I'm leaning towards a launch of my official business in September. Thoughts?

Debi Morton said...

Go for it! I'll help however I can (free babysitting, etc.) I think you're ready. These pics are fabulous and the comments you've gotten on fb back that up. I think you've got some good ideas on how to start and you've had some good mentoring and you're ready.

Miss Mommy said...

Shannie! I have been out of commission blog-wise and somehow missed this priceless post! I LOVE these pics!!! Wonderful job!

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